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Promoting sales and offers during the holiday season is tempting for many business owners. We know consumers are looking for deals, and are prepared to spend. But as a service provider, we caution you from falling for the “sales season” trap! We talk about this more in our last blog.  However, whether or not you […]

creating sustainable sales funnel at table

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what a marketing funnel is, why it can benefit your brand, and how to start creating one.

How to establish your messaging As a business owner, our brand is one of the biggest assets in the business. It dictates how our audience sees us and how we can build brand loyalty & stay top-of-mind with them. Therefore, it is essential to stay consistent with your messaging across all platforms (blogs, emails, sales […]

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Ever heard of how market research is one of the most important tasks in your business, but you don’t know where to start? In this post, we will guide you on conducting market research and leveraging the data collected.

Caitlyn Wells shares how to build a sustainable business

Learn what it means to build a sustainable business, how to prioritize sustainability as your business scales, and why sustainability matters for you and your business.

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The point of creating a results-driven marketing strategy is to ensure you invest your time and resources wisely. When you decide your end goal first—like higher profits, more free time, client retention—you can then create SMART steps to get you there.

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Read this post to learn what inbound marketing is, why it’s so important, and how you can start using inbound marketing tactics today!

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Learn about the benefits of paid advertising and five things to consider before allocating funds to an advertising budget

One goal in marketing is to connect with your ideal client, and this is done through a combination of being in the right places and through your messaging. This post dives into how you can be sure your messaging is connecting with the right people and, if it’s not, how you can improve your messaging!

There’s an art to balancing using your intuition and backing your decisions with data & facts. As a business owner, it’s important to use a healthy balance of these to make confident decisions. Learn how to collect and analyze data so you can begin making well-informed, data-driven decisions in your business.

I am a business and marketing strategist for impact-driven businesses looking to scale their business sustainably and experience incredible clarity as we work towards their big vision for their business & its impact. 

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How to Plan for Successfully Scaling Your Business

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