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business goals

No matter what stage of business you’re at, it’s always a good idea to take time to analyze and understand your annual business performance throughout the year–and set fresh goals for the upcoming period. 

Promoting sales and offers during the holiday season is tempting for many business owners. We know consumers are looking for deals, and are prepared to spend. But as a service provider, we caution you from falling for the “sales season” trap! We talk about this more in our last blog.  However, whether or not you […]

Bridgette Simmonds

I felt so excited about the fact that I was working for myself in my business, doing what I love and yet I was absolutely exhausted.  Every single day.   One of the main reasons I chose to leave my full time job in corporate was so that I could experience the oft-imagined freedom of owning […]

Megan Patzius

My name’s Megan Patzius and this is the story of how I built, scaled and sold multiple ecommerce businesses, sold out my services for copywriting and eventually became the go to person for creating freedom funnels.

Caitlyn Wells, owner of Upwell Strategies helping clients navigate through the great resignation

Call it burnout, call it overworked, call it increased workload management… millions of Americans said “I’m done” at the same time.

Molly Nutt from Acorn Digital Strategy NW sitting in a chair with her laptop.

We asked Molly Nutt, founder of Acorn Digital Strategy NW, to be the first of many guest blog posts from business owners sharing their experiences of starting or scaling their businesses.

Jumping into the wild world of entrepreneurship is both fun and scary. Now that I’m more than a year into building out that vision, I’d love to share the ups and downs that came with those first 12 months of my own entrepreneurial experience.

I am a business and marketing strategist for impact-driven businesses looking to scale their business sustainably and experience incredible clarity as we work towards their big vision for their business & its impact. 

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How to Plan for Successfully Scaling Your Business

Complete with guiding questions to help you think strategically in your business!